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My name is Sofie Barnova. I'm a competive figure skater at a senior/elite level. I'm very passionate about fitness/health. Please check out my YouTube channel for workouts and other tutorials.
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Anonymous said: What do you recommend to do for off ice training? X

My videos! Haha! ;) A mix of strength training (pilates, ballet, etc.) and cardio (running, biking, etc.), and also doing lots of jumps and rotations. 

iamaanonimous said: Could you post photos when you stretch middle split please? And do you have over middle split? Thanks!

Sure can! Yes I do have it. Stay tuned!

New video!!! How to do splits video! Sorry it took me so long to post it, had some techical difficulties. Hope you guys enjoy it! 

This song is stuck in my head non-stop! Seriously love this, old but gold! 

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You know you’re a figure skater when…

Finding jeans that fit properly is like looking for Narnia. Every time I find jeans that fit my butt they don’t fit my legs and vice Versa. On top of that, all the jeans are super long. Guess who’s buying jeggings again? Haha! Bet some of you bootiful girls can relate ;)