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My name is Sofie Barnova. I'm a competive figure skater at a senior/elite level. I'm very passionate about fitness/health. Please check out my YouTube channel for workouts and other tutorials.
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You know you’re a figure skater when…

Finding jeans that fit properly is like looking for Narnia. Every time I find jeans that fit my butt they don’t fit my legs and vice Versa. On top of that, all the jeans are super long. Guess who’s buying jeggings again? Haha! Bet some of you bootiful girls can relate ;)

New video guys!!! Hope all is well with you guys and you’re having a nice summer! Next video is going to be a stretching video, so stay tuned! 

Got nominated! Thanks @undergroundcat for icing me and @_princecile_ for filming :3

Hey guys! I’m finally back!!! Yay! And I’ve got a new video too! Hope you guys like it, and leave me some comments if you want to see something else from me. I also wanted to thank you guys for all the support and kind words you have given me! I’m so super thankful and I really appreciate it! ‘Til next time! 

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