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My name is Sofie Barnova. I'm a competive figure skater at a senior/elite level. I'm very passionate about fitness/health. Please check out my YouTube channel for workouts and other tutorials.

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Since I’m unable to post videos at this time, thought I would do something with my time and write you guys a little helpful guide to staying healthy during your vacation!

A challenge I face everyday, but also a bit worse when I’m on vacation. What am I going to eat? Once you’ve decided to change your lifestyle and the way you eat, things aren’t so easy. We can’t pig out like we used to, not that we would want to, but sometimes, the world just wants to put obstacles in front of our goals in life, and sadly we have to face them on a day to day basis. 

Eating on vacation is no easy thing! Doesn’t matter where you go, if it’s Bali or just to a nearby city. When we’re home, we’re able to buy the things we want and prepare them exactly how we want, but on vacation, it’s not the easiest thing to buy and prepare your own food, especially if you’re staying in a hotel room sans kitchen. You’re not familiar with area like the locals, could be quite an annoying experience to find a health food store, especially if you’re not living in a country who has Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s on every corner, and you can bet your butt that normal grocery stores aren’t going to cut it!

Perhaps you’re not alone on vacation and you don’t want to be a bother, there isn’t enough time, or you plain just don’t want to go through all that hassle, whatever it is, it’s not the easiest task to get your way when it comes to eating healthy in this day and age.

And another thing is, you’re on vacation, you want to relax, you want to try things you normally wouldn’t, and that means specialties and delicacies from the place you’re visiting, and that means, usually always means, it’s not going to be good for you, but don’t fret my dear! Here I have some tips, on what I do, to stay as healthy and clean as I can on vacation. 

  • Try not to overindulge on white grains, sweets, junk food, etc. (Note: of course it’s okay to have some once in a while, but you shouldn’t go crazy for it, enjoy it rather!) 
  • Try to eat at least one full green salad. 
  • Eat as much fruit and as many veggies as you can! 
  • Don’t drink too much coffee and alcohol on an everyday basis. 
  • Drink lots of water! (Also with lemon!) 
  • Make sure to get enough vitamin C from your diet! (So you can stay healthy throughout the holiday.) 
  • Start with a good breakfast! (No, bacon doesn’t count, sorry!)

And remember, you’re on holiday, so don’t stress too much about it! We are all humans! Don’t consider it a slip, consider it a treat, because that is what vacation is about, doing things you normally don’t get to do in your normal life. This is how you will create healthy eating and thinking habits, learning to let things go and not think or regret about them later. You’re in control. This is your life, and you shouldn’t have to feel bad about what you’re doing every waking second. 

So enjoy it beauties, you deserve it! 
Sof <3

Looks like I won’t be able to post any videos until I get back home to a proper wifi…

Stupid slow internet connection!!! -.-So in the mean time, just want to thank everyone who is supporting me and have been saying lots of nice things, you guys are the bomb, love ya!!!! Hope to post lots of videos soon after. Lemme know if you want to see anything specific! :) Till then, lovlies! 

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A moment with my mom on the ice 😙