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My name is Sofie Barnova. I'm a competive figure skater at a senior/elite level. I'm very passionate about fitness/health. Please check out my YouTube channel for workouts and other tutorials.
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Anonymous said: I really struggle with sticking to exercise plans and eating healthy. With skating, work and uni I found Im so tired by the of the day I don't want to run. Living at home Dosent help, my family eats a lot of crap and I don't have the will power to avoid it! What do you recommend for the will power and motivation aspect?

Everything in live takes practice, even when it comes to self disipline. You aren’t going to be what you want from one day to another, and you need to accept that. Practice makes perfect, so if you fail to stay motivated, it’s ok, just forget about your mistakes, move one, and keep going. We are only human, and we slip, it’s normal. If you’re having trouble to get your family to accept your new ways, you need to sit them down, and show them the facts. There is no news article about McDonalds helping against cancer, but there are millions of articles about how each and every veggie or fruit can help you and your health. If they don’t want to join you on this journey to health, then that’s fine, it’s their life, but I hope they will allow you to choose your own path as well. Life is too short to be unhealthy, and remember, we eat to live, not live to eat. 

Anonymous said: Can you make a video on back flexibility?

Yes, sure I can :) 

SofaBar - Fit Like a Figure Skater

Anonymous said: What do you recommend to do for off ice training? X

My videos! Haha! ;) A mix of strength training (pilates, ballet, etc.) and cardio (running, biking, etc.), and also doing lots of jumps and rotations.